About Us

The History And Background of Health and Social Services Center

If you would like to learn more about our beginnings and how the Center became what it is today, you are in the right place. Here you will be able to read more about how we started this Center and made it what it is today from scratch. Learn more about our past, so that you can understand where we are today and where we are headed for in the future.

The Founders

The founders of the center are still employed in the center today. The three medical experts and leading professionals in their respective fields of medicine and social services have assembled a team of experts because they have had faith that a different approach might be more suitable for all people who need professional medical help. Those people are Mrs. Madeline Cobbler, Mr. Peter Wellington, and Mr. Edward Peterson.


Madeline Cobbler – oncologist

Mrs. Madeline Cobbler started her career as a medical student, but she soon realized that what she wanted was to help cancer patients. One of the most difficult paths for a medical student has proven to be the right one for Mrs. Madeline Cobbler, but she soon grew dissatisfied with how cancer patients were treated in public hospitals. With a few colleagues, she decided to open a new chapter in her life and start a Center where she would be able to help all those who are struggling with cancer and make their struggle a bit easier.

Peter Wellington – psychologist

Mr. Peter Wellington played one of the leading roles in the founding of the center, as he realized that he wanted to provide individual services to patients and provide them with constant reassurance that will help them in their treatment. For this individual approach to be possible he would have to leave a steady job in a public hospital, something he never regretted doing.

Edward Peterson – a heart surgeon

Mr. Edward Peterson joined the team to help establish Health and Social Service Center, as one of the leading experts in heart surgery. His motive of becoming a surgeon was pretty straightforward, to help treat one of the most notorious diseases that affect millions of people around the globe.