Who Can Come To Us

We provide a range of services for people of all ages and with all sorts of health and social problems. If you are not sure whether we can help you out with your problem, make sure you read the following page and find out just what is it that we can do for you. We are pretty sure that any problem that you might have, that concerns health or your social problem, we can solve confidently with the help of our teams of experts that are made up from doctors, psychologists and trained medical professionals.

Families and children

logoThe Health and Social Service Center conducts approximately 250 deliveries a year. Even before the arrival of new babies, various services are offered to families and, throughout childhood, our professionals will accompany you for all the care and services required.

The mission of the local community service center is to provide front-line health services and social services common and to the population of the territory it serves, health services and social services of a preventive or curative nature, rehabilitation or reintegration.

To that end, the institution operating such a center shall ensure that persons who require such services for themselves or their families are reached, that their needs are assessed and that the services required are offered to them. Within their facilities or in their living environment, we will ensure that they are directed to the centers, organizations or persons most likely to help them.

The mission of such a center is also to carry out public health activities in its territory, in accordance with the provisions of the Public Health Act.


Whether in school or individually, Youth Center can count on the support of many health professionals, both physically and mentally, to help them on their journey. Between childhood and adulthood, adolescents have access to personalized services.


Adults benefit from the Health And Social Service Center since our services are accessible to all, some on request and others available according to certain criteria, whether in psychosocial, sexology or vaccination. Contact us: we will find a professional to help you.