Cardiologists Advise You How To Take Good Care Of Your Heart

If you want to take our advice, you and your heart will benefit from it. Taking good care of your heart is essential since it is the main pump in the body without which nothing can function. In learning how you can improve your cardiovascular health, you are also learning how you can benefit your body and make it possible for you to live healthy for years to come.

What Is Our Cardiologists’ Advice?

Before you start worrying about your health and having health concerns, you should visit a cardiologist or a general physician and express your concern for your heart condition. This is even more important in case you feel any pain in the chest area, get tired with smaller physical efforts, and experience pain in the left arm or the back. All of this can signal that your heart is working a bit too much a perhaps you should get it checked out. Also, some people experience the feeling such as a butterfly fluttering in the area where your heart is, this sensation is called palpitations, and while it is nothing serious, it should also be checked out by a professional cardiologist or at least mentioned to your general physician.

What Do We Offer?

At our facilities, you can get your heart checked out by leading experts that use the latest technology to make sure that your heart is functioning properly. We also offer the use of latest treatments which are not as aggressive, but very progressive and offer the best results. For starters, you will be checked out by our general physician and from there on you will be redirected to a cardiologist and in most severe cases we also offer surgery that is led by one of the leading experts in the field and the founder of our Center. The cardio surgery that we do is innovative and to be found nowhere in the world, so we make sure that you get the best treatment before anyone else.


hearth1The electrocardiogram service allows the exploration of cardiac function, using the graphics translation of electrical phenomena that occur during cardiac resolution.

We offer three types of exams:

Electro at rest

Electro on the treadmill

Electro Dynamic Holter Cassette

These examinations help confirm or eliminate a diagnosis made by the attending physician. The treatment that is prescribed after the exams is determined mostly by the physical state that you are currently in and dictated by the medical issues that you might have. We make sure that you are well aware of all the possibilities and offered and provided with the best medical treatment there is.