Everything You Need To Know About Our Facilities

Learn more about our facilities and what we have to offer. We make sure that all of our patients are taken care of and satisfied with our services. Our facilities are finite, but the effort that we put into taking care of each individual patient are what makes us different from all others. We are here to introduce you to what our facilities for Health and Social Services have to offer, so that the next time you find yourself in need of our services, you know exactly what you can expect from our center.

Medical Capacities Of Our Facility

medWe make sure that the medical capacities of our facility are always well distributed and that our clients have enough space. First of all, we take care of our patients and make sure they get all they need and everything else comes after that. Our facilities provide us with enough space and comfort so that we can make sure that our clients have everything they need. We are the link to your health, and we make sure that you get the best service while you are restoring your health at our facilities.


At the Unit of Medicine-Geriatrics-Pediatrics we make sure that each family can get everything they need in the same place. The Medicine-Geriatrics-Pediatrics Unit is located on the 4th floor of the Hospital Center and has 29 beds. The unit has three well-defined vocations, distributed as follows:

Medicine: 21 beds;

Pediatrics: 2 beds;

Geriatrics: 6 beds.

Medicine provides general care for adults with common health problems, heart, respiratory and neurological problems.

Pediatrics offers general care for up to 18 years. The pediatric component can respond to clients under observation within 12 hours if required. Any parent who wishes, no matter the age of the child, can stay with him 24 hours a day. A bed is at his disposal. It is also possible to take good care of the entire family as we make sure families stay together even in moments such as this one, and we provide psychological counseling for all members of the family.

Active geriatrics is a program of geriatric care and services that offer people with geriatric loss of rapid autonomy interventions in assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, and hospitalization.

In addition, end-of-life care is available in a few designated and specially designed rooms to promote a warmer environment.