User’s Committee

The general mandate of our committee has one purpose only, and that is to protect and guard user rights. We are at our very core devoted to our users and our clients, and we have therefore made sure that everything that we do is done in their best interest. We are also there to help make sure that the users of our services are protected in every way and provided with the utmost quality services that we offer here at the health and social service center.

Our Main Concern

The person in treatment is at the heart of our concerns, our decisions, and our actions. We make sure that every service that we provide is provided in such a way that the person who is at the receiving end of our services feels pleasant and secure about the treatment they are receiving.


Respect is demonstrated by attitudes, behaviors, and approaches such as openness, listening, empathy and availability to others. We are also there to hear what you have to say and respect the open communication with our clients and users. We also encourage our users to pose questions about anything that might interest them and has to do with the process of treatment.

Whether it is people or facilities, it focuses on the well-being and dignity of the person and expresses itself through consideration towards others.


Fairness is demonstrated by providing services to the public fairly. Human, material and financial resources are distributed taking into account the needs of the population and the various factors (economic, social and demographic).


IntegrityIntegrity refers to trust, transparency, and consistency. We are entirely devoted to making treatment available to all those who need it.

Integrity is demonstrated by our desire to express the reality of facts and processes. It is a value where we solicit input from stakeholders and encourage the disclosure of information to staff and the public to understand the application of decisions.

Quality of life at work

The quality of life at work is demonstrated by satisfaction and pleasure in our work environment because occupies an important part of our activities.

Our guiding principles